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*For my upcoming books, please stay in touch and be ready for the release of a long time in the making with both the No More Book and Unbelievable Facade coming to you soon! 

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Share your relationship experiences and survival stories here to inspire others. Connect with our online family and help us all have a supportive and positive impact on each other. 

Thank you for visiting this website. If you are here, it could be because you or someone you love has had or is currently having difficulties with relationships and looking for help, resources or supportive mentoring. Or, maybe we've had the chance to meet along our journey and you simply want to learn more about my story and journey surviving all types of unhealthy relationships. Whatever your reason, I'm grateful that you've taken an interest. My hope is to help you or someone you care about by sharing my story and experiences, as well as, how I have healed and learned to choose and nurture healthier relationships. I hope to help you to identify signs and symptoms of unhealthy relationships and the choices we have to change our current situations and improve how we choose our relationships moving forward. 

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