No More Book

The No More book is actually titled Use and Abuse Me, NO MORE!. It's about the Signs & Symptoms of Unhealthy Relationships. Some of the things that will be featured include: all varieties of relationships, different forms of abuse, initial warning signs, and how abuse can affect you and those around you. It will also touch on the importance of resources and support available to those who are seeking to learn more effective ways of making their relationships healthier. The book talks about the relationship between abuse and your self esteem as well as how to improve your own mindset and start to rid yourself of limiting beliefs and harmful patterns you have experienced or witnessed in your lifetime. If this resonates with you, or you know someone who could benefit from this information, my hope is that you will read my book or share this website to start to heal or help someone in need.

Also, when you purchase a copy of the book a portion of the proceeds will be donated to a charity that I believe provides a wonderful program for abuse victims, their families and helps to house, educate and rehabilitate them into a better life moving forward. I'll be announcing the charity soon, before the book is finished and more about it for those interested.

You will see a tab for the Unbelievable Facade book as well, and when you read about the book, you will start to understand my personal story and my Why all of this is so important to me.

I simply want to do my part to bring awareness to unhealthy relationships and provide resources for those who want or need them. Some don't know any healthy norm due to continuous exposure to a non-healthy environment such as abusive relationships with parents, siblings, friends, classmates, coworkers, or even employers. Television and social media can also have an unhealthy impact on us as we grow up, and even as adults. This is for anyone who was ever told that they were stupid or good for nothing, felt invisible or unloved, and for all of you who have worn the actions, words, and feelings that were thrown upon you and believed them to be true. These things no longer serve you today and you need to make a change. This book will help provide you with the resources to do just that, but You will need to do the work and embrace the change. Start with the relationship with yourself, heal wounds, open your heart, learn to love You and change your direction for a healthier and better life, starting today!

You can do it, I believe in You!‚Äč